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age 43...is this ok?

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    [-1] age 43...is this ok? - chris - 11/12/07 14:02
    • Re: age 43...is this ok? - Tatiana - 17/12/07 11:15

Тема: age 43...is this ok?
Автор: chris E-mail: tetley34@yahoo.com
My name is Chris,from england, and I am 43. I am looking for a change of career and scenery!
I have been a hospital anaesthetic technician for the past 20 years, and last year completed a mentoring course from Thames Valley University.

Would i be a suitable candidate to apply for the celta course?


11/12/07 14:02    

Тема: Re: age 43...is this ok?
Автор: Tatiana
Hello Chris,
There is no an upper age limit to someone applying for a CELTA course. So, do not worry about your age.
To de eligible for the course, you primary need to have good awareness of language and the potential to develop the necessary skills to become an effective teacher. These qualities are going to be tested during the application process.

Hope this helped.

17/12/07 11:15    

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