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CELTA for a middle-aged person

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    [-1] CELTA for a middle-aged person - kimberly - 16/04/08 22:25
    • Re: CELTA for a middle-aged person - Tatiana - 18/04/08 19:50

Тема: CELTA for a middle-aged person
Автор: kimberly
I planned to do CELTA, but I talked to a teacher who did it last year and she said that it was extremely challenging so that she only had three-hour night sleep and by the end of the course she was dead on her feet.
I must admit that I was discouraged by that. I'm 46, and my health is far from perfect. I was very keen on doing this course , but now I've got cold feet. What's the point in forking out on an expensive course, if I'm likely to collapse under pressure?
Could you tell me how physically demanding this course is and is it really necessary to give up your sleep to cope with the assignments?

16/04/08 22:25    

Тема: Re: CELTA for a middle-aged person
Автор: Tatiana
Hello Kimberly,

The CELTA course is very intensive and challenging indeed. The day starts at noon and finishes at 8 pm, however many trainees come in at around 11 am. Every day there are two input sessions, 40 minutes’ lunch break, feedback from previous day’s lessons, lesson planning time, and teaching practice.

You'll need to absorb a lot of information and do lots of writing while meeting the deadlines.

You should also be ready to start teaching from the very first day of the course and teach every other day afterwards. This is especially stressful if you've never taught before.

Every lesson will be observed by 5 of your fellow trainees and the course tutor. During the feedback they will analyse what was good and what the mistakes were.

Although all this sounds overwhelming, it is possible to cope with the course if you have good time-management skills and can learn from your mistakes.

Many trainees find the CELTA course highly rewarding after all, as they get to know the basics of ELT and can put their new knowledge into practice straight away.

If you feel that it can be difficult for you to keep up with such a pace, you may want to consider taking the CELTA course part-time.

I hope this helps.


18/04/08 19:50    

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