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working visa info, please

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    [-1] working visa info, please - george - 07/06/07 15:38
    • Re: working visa info, please - Nina - 08/06/07 17:12

Тема: working visa info, please
Автор: george E-mail: gfisher1@stu.parkland.edu
Please tell me whether and how much effect a police record might have on his obtaining a work visa to teach in Russia. 20 years ago I was charged/convicted with a misdemeanor; less than two years ago I was issued a "DUI" (driving under the influence) traffic ticket. I'm not proud of this history, to be sure. But when it comes to applying for a visa to take the CELTA, and then afterwards, to teach in Russia, am I going to run into problems... and what kind of problems, and is there any hope?
Thank you for an honest reply.


07/06/07 15:38    

Тема: Re: working visa info, please
Автор: Nina
Dear George,

Unfortunately there is only one way to find out whether or not you will have problems in obtaining a Russian visa - to apply for it at the Russian Consulate. However if a person is rejected a visa, the embassy reserves the right not to disclose the reasons for this decision and not to enter into discussion about it.

Best regards,

08/06/07 17:12    

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