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    [-1] available courses/job - george - 31/05/07 17:29
    • Re: available courses/job - BKC - 31/05/07 19:38

Тема: available courses/job
Автор: george E-mail: gfisher1@stu.parkland.edu
Since the earlier courses have filled up (but have a waiting list), what is the likelihood one will be able to find employment (with BKC or elsewhere in Russia) upon successful completion of the one of the later course this summer/fall (i.e., September or October start date)? I'd hate pay for and finish a course successfully, only to find that I need to wait 6 months before a job opens up.
Thank you for a reply.

31/05/07 17:29    

Тема: Re: available courses/job
Автор: BKC E-mail: recruit@bkc.ru
Dear Geaorge,
I would like to assure you that most of our CELTA graduates get a teaching position with us after successful completion of the course.
Nadya Maximova
Recruitment Manager
BKC-IH Moscow

31/05/07 19:38    

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