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    [-1] CELTA - LISA - 30/05/07 15:48
    • Re: CELTA - Nina - 31/05/07 18:15

Автор: LISA E-mail: Baronina@rol.ru

I would apperciate any information concerning the validity of Celta results. Should the teacher's qualification be proved in the future with another Celta exam taken, say five or ten years later; or, once, you are given this qualification it remains valid for as many years as you practice as a teacher of English as a foreign language?

Thanks for consideration.



30/05/07 15:48    

Тема: Re: CELTA
Автор: Nina
Dear Lisa,

CELTA is not an exam course. You will be assessed throughout the whole month, with no final examination. The final result depends on the trainee's performance during the course. There are two components of assessment: teaching practice and written assignments. To be awarded the certificate you must pass both components.

Once awarded Cambridge CELTA certificates are valid for life.


31/05/07 18:15    

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