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age factor, again

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    [-1] age factor, again - george - 15/10/06 17:18
    • Re: age factor, again - Nina - 16/10/06 12:38

Тема: age factor, again
Автор: george E-mail: gfisher1@parkland.edu
Protonium asked the age question from the 'youth' angle, so let me ask from the other end of the spectrum: I'm 50. I look significantly younger than most males my age (or so I am repeatedly told...), but can someone who knows tell me whether, even with TEFL certification and all the right documents, etc., will I actually be able to find a teaching position? Not only in Russia, but elsewhere as well? I'm mature enough to be able to face the truth, so thank you for being honest in your reply.


15/10/06 17:18    

Тема: Re: age factor, again
Автор: Nina
Dear George,

As a rule, the employment age for Russia is 22-60, due to the fact that teaching (especially in Moscow) involves working early morning or/and late nights, teaching in different parts of the city and as a result - quite a lot of travelling. At 50 you have quite good chances to apply for a job, provided that you have one of the recognized certificates in TEFL (e.g. Cambridge CELTA, Trinity TESOL, RELSA etc.).
You can also try some other websites dedicated to EFL teaching, e.g. http://www.eslcafe.com

Best regards,

16/10/06 12:38    

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