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celta in london

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    [-2] celta in london - Tanya - 06/09/06 20:12
    • Re: celta in london - Nina - 07/09/06 17:32
    • Re: celta in london - nadeem - 25/12/06 23:54

Тема: celta in london
Автор: Tanya E-mail: tasho@list.ru
Tell me please if it is possible to study for celta in London and what are the terms of it.Thanx

06/09/06 20:12    

Тема: Re: celta in london
Автор: Nina
Dear Tanya,

At the moment there are around 20 teacher training centres in London which offer CELTA programmes. The terms and the fees vary from school to school. You can find the list of the schools offering the course at http://cambridgeesol-centres.org/centres/teaching/search.do?country=GB&qualification=10&domesticCountry=GB-ENG&source=teacheraward page.

Hope this helps.


07/09/06 17:32    

Тема: Re: celta in london
Автор: nadeem E-mail: nadeemsaqlain@yahoo.com
Is there any discount in celta fee?
How is it possible?

25/12/06 23:54    

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