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CPE exam

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    [-4] CPE exam - dergoalie - 17/05/06 18:14
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Тема: CPE exam
Автор: dergoalie
I have a question: can I sit CPE exam in Moscow's International House? And do I need it at all, as I have BA (English, Russian, Ru.literature) + CELTA (Abu Dhabi BC)?
Actually, I would appreciate any info on CPE exams in Russia as in UAE to sit this exam doesn't look like a popular idea :)

17/05/06 18:14    

Тема: Re: CPE exam
Автор: Nina
Dear dergoalie,

In IH-Moscow we do run Cambridge Exam courses, like FCE, CAE and CPE. However the exam itself is taken in the Moscow branch of the British Council. You can contact them by e-mail bc.moscow@britishcouncil.ru or by phone +7 (495) 782-02-00.

Best regards,

19/05/06 14:49    

Тема: Re: CPE exam
Автор: dergoalie
Dear Nina,
Thank you for the contact info, I believe it will be useful.

22/05/06 12:41    

Тема: Re: CPE exam
Автор: recruitment@bkc.ru E-mail: recruitment@bkc.ru
Dear Dergoalie,

If you have CELTA certificate we can consider you for a position with BKC-IH Moscow. Should you be interested in a position you are welcome to send us a copy of your CV at recruit@bkc.ru
Best wishes,
Recruitment Manager

11/01/07 18:22    

Тема: Re: CPE exam
Автор: dergoalie
Thank you for the offer, but at the moment I am teaching at one of the international language centres in Abu Dhabi. Though I am thinking about taking a DELTA course either here (which is a full time course) or in your centre in Moscow.

12/02/07 12:40    

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