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    [-1] class schedule - george - 10/05/06 04:07
    • Re: class schedule - Nina - 10/05/06 11:47

Тема: class schedule
Автор: george E-mail: grfishman2@hotmail.com
Are the CELTA classes for the summer ('06) filled yet? Is July still open? If not, how about August?
And how soon after submitting an application via the net would a prospective attendee hear back and be able to set up some king of follow-on interview?
Thanks for a reply.

10/05/06 04:07    

Тема: Re: class schedule
Автор: Nina
Dear George,

Thank you for your interest in our Teacher Training programmes. At the moment the July course is full, however you can apply for a waiting list - in case one of the candidates who were accepted before you can't take the course. There are still places available for the August CELTA course. As soon as we receive a full application form (2 parts + 2 essays) we pass it on to the trainers who consider the form and if it meets the requirements they suggest the time for an oral interview. Usually this takes 2-3 days.

Best regards,

10/05/06 11:47    

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