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My age

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Тема: My age
Автор: Protonium
I've tried to apply for the CELTA course, however i was rejected due to my age:( I'm 18 y.o. Is it fair? Are there any regulations on the subject?

29/03/06 19:41    

Тема: Re: My age
Автор: Jo
Dear Protonium,
I know it sounds terribly unfair but one of the reasons that CELTA is internationally recognised is that it has firm criteria that each centre must abide by. Although Cambridge does state that under 20 year olds can be accepted under extreme circumstances, that decision is totally up to the centre. The Moscow centre has made the decision that no one under the age of 20 will be accepted and that decision has been agreed with and accepted by Cambridge. The reason behind it is that candidates under 20 lack the world experience that is required both in and out of the classroom, also many students would be terribly unhappy to discover their teacher was so young. Again, I apologise for the decision.

31/03/06 14:51    

Тема: Re: My age
Автор: Protonium
Thanks for replying, but i do protest! Some people are much more advanced personally in their late teens then many in their twenties! I've had 2 years teaching practice! (Privatly) No one ever complained! Nevertheless, I've been to so many countries all round the world that my life expirience simply cannot be referred to as lacking anything. Above all, if it matters, i don't even look like 18! I shouldn't leave this case unresolved! If it be possible, what shall i do to prove i'm suitable for the course?

01/04/06 20:43    

Тема: Re: My age
Автор: Jo
Again I sympathise, but our website clearly states in the entry requirements for the course that candidates must be at least 20 years old by the completion of this course. This decision was made some years ago and is the guideline that this centre operates by. If you wish to take the course now, you can always apply to other centres around the world, some of which do accept younger candidates. If you wish to persue the matter further you're more than welcome to contact Cambridge directly.

04/04/06 11:15    

Тема: Re: My age
Автор: Protonium
Could you, please, give me some contact information of Cambridge department which will proceed with this matter?

04/04/06 12:23    

Тема: Re: My age
Автор: C
From the Cambridge website:

Am I eligible to apply?

Ideally you should:

have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education
be aged 20 or over
have a standard of English which will enable you to teach at a range of levels

Centres may still accept you if you do not have formal qualifications at this level but can demonstrate that you would be likely to complete the course successfully. Some centres may, at their discretion, accept applicants aged between 18 and 20.

05/04/06 15:40    

Тема: Re: My age
Автор: Protonium
So what? I've read it billion times...

06/04/06 00:11    

Тема: Re: My age
Автор: Nina
Dear Protonium,

You can contact Cambridge by e-mail. Here is the address: ESOL@ucles.org.uk

Best regards,
Nina, BKC Teacher Training Centre.

06/04/06 10:50    

Тема: Re: My age
Автор: Jane
Your tone reveals your age. "So what?" You sound 16. Russia would eat you alive.

30/04/06 01:05    

Тема: Re: My age
Автор: george E-mail: grfishman2@hotmail.com
Then let me ask the question from the other end of the spectrum... I'm 50. Don't look it. Normally don't act it. But I'm mature enough to face the fax-o-life, so please, someone out there in the know, who is not a recruiter for a program of one kind or the other: Am I too old, once I've obtained the certification (TEFL, I mean), to find work? Realistically, are schools, employers looking for young pups right out of college/university? I've considered the TELF teaching route often before, but have hesitated because what I've read leads me to believe it's the life for the kids. Someone please let me know what you think; what your experience has been, OK? I'm completely out of debt, have no family ties, etc., and could easily make the move.

Many thanks for the reply.

12/10/06 04:37    

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