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Re: information to go to Russia

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    [-1] Re: information to go to Russia - May - 29/08/10 08:43
        • Re: Re: information to go to Russia - Tatiana - 07/09/10 19:54

Тема: Re: information to go to Russia
Автор: May E-mail: maycupcupin@gmail.com
Hello. I am a Filipino wanting to take CELTA and live and teach in Russia. I'm hoping to get detailed information on your student visa assistance and how competitive is it to find a teaching post for non-native speakers in Russia? How much do they usually earn?

29/08/10 08:43    

Тема: Re: Re: information to go to Russia
Автор: Tatiana
Hi May,

The BKC Teacher training centre have sent you the info about visa support for overseas CELTA trainees on your e-mail address.

Re: jobs for non-native English speakers, it is true that many language schools in Moscow are looking for native English-speaking teachers, but there are also a few EFL teachers whose first language is other than English. So it is not impossible for you to get a job in Russia. Big cities will be easier.

Teachers' salaries vary depending on the location and schools, so it is hard to give any figures.

Hope it helps.


07/09/10 19:54    

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