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Главные цели СПР заключаются в формировании

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    [-1] Главные цели СПР заключаются в формировании - Lenok - 04/02/04 14:30
    • learn English with International House - Jin Won - 05/01/07 09:51

Тема: Главные цели СПР заключаются в формировании
Автор: Lenok E-mail: info@bkc.ru
The Moscow Times is an English-language daily newspaper published in Russia since 1992. The newspaper is the country's leading foreign language publication delivering national and international news. The Moscow Times has earned a respectable status as a business publication by providing precise, reliable and independent information.
The Moscow Times Business English is an independent project, where the following programs are offered

04/02/04 14:30    

Тема: learn English with International House
Автор: Jin Won E-mail: godgh75@hotmail.com
I came to Australia a year ago from South Korea. At that time my English wasn’t good enough and I decided to enrol into English school. During my study at school we used different techniques to memorise English better (such as Test Master from www.yourgrammar.com). I am going to Russia for several months and I’d like to continue my English study over there. My questions are. What is your lesson structure? Is it traditional talking heads technique? Do you use any computer based learning programs?


Jin Won

05/01/07 09:51    

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